family life

The Ultimate Relationship

What makes a good family?

A good family is a bit of a myth in modern times. Most Hollywood films feature a highly dysfunctional family where everyone is out for themselves and do not care for others except when it is convenient. Thankfully, this is simply Hollywood flare and not reality. A functional family where members genuinely love and care for each other are real, and can be achieved for those who want a loving and peaceful household.

Communication is key

Like with marriage, family communication is important. And with children thrown in the mix, it is even more important than before the kids arrived. However, communication is not just knowing each other’s schedules and activities, it is also praises, discipline, and encouragements. Being able to show affection as well as approval is vital when raising a good family. Good communication reinforces what the children and spouse are doing is right, and is appreciated.

Other Key Points


Raising a family is no easy task and requires a lot of blood and sweat in order to maintain a healthy family life. To have a good family, you must be absolutely dedicated to each family member, which means not blowing off the kids for a sports game or hair styling, and no cancelling family plans at the last minute because you want to go to a cool stand-up comedy you just realized was in town. Commitment is everything and lets everyone know you support your family.

Dysfunctional Family

The dysfunctional family is a life that everyone knows about thanks to TV, movies, books, and even video games. But what makes a bad family when it isn’t the center of a plot line? Basically, a bad family is where there is deficient to no communication, and there is no strong commitment in the family to each other. Eventually, this could result in the parents splitting up with each one hiring a family law attorney to fight for custody of the children and child support payments.

Taking Control

But on the bright side, if you are able to keep up strong communication and stay dedicated to those you love, a bad family life will remain only on the TV screen. For children, constantly telling them “I love you”, showing your affection, and teaching them about life in ways they can understand will improve their skills and attitudes. For spouses, the same methods apply, although you may need more time to talk about more serious matters that develop.